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Jan 26, 2018

Bryan Appleman

BUYER BEWARE. NOT ONLY IS THE WORKMANSHIP POOR, YOU CANNOT TRUST THEY WILL INSTALL WHAT THEY SAY! I will post pics later. I am still working with Will to hopefully get my install done properly, and get what i ordered. I will update this review if they fix their mistakes. We recently bought a house and the previous installer we used wasn't available to to the install this month so we decided to go to Floors-A-Lot. Their products are the fine, exactly what we would get at any other store but we also had them install the carpet. HUGE MISTAKE! We had them do stairs, a small hallway and 3 bedrooms. Overall the carpet is loose, not sure if the installer didn't use a stretcher or doesn't know how to use one. And every seam is extremely obvious. On the stairs, each step was a different piece of carpet with a VISIBLE SEAM at the base of each riser. one tread width was cut about 1/2" short and a chunk of carpet was wedged into the gap. Some of the pads are cut almost 2" short of the edge of the step. some of the steps have enough loose carpet around the tread you can pinch the carpet in front of the step. In the master bedroom we had remodeled the closet and moved a wall, the tack strip was left where it laid and pad and carpet were laid on top. In one corner there was about 1 inch of extra carpet against the wall. Another corner had a tack strip that wasn't nailed down, another corner was cut an inch short with a small piece wedged in against the wall. in the closet there was a corner that didn't even have a tack strip and the carpet was about 1 inch too wide. In the other bedrooms: there is extra carpet against the walls, the carpet comes loose from the tack strip, there is dirt and construction debris under and around the pad. the carpet is "raised" in the doorways and it moves when you push or step on it. The worst part of this entire experience is the pad. we went and felt the pads and pick a 10# pad, but after reading other reviews of Floors-A-Lot, I was suspicious so i went down and asked for a 10# pad sample to compare, since they left so much pad showing in my house. there is no way what was installed was 10# pad. I went down to the store to make a plan to reconcile these issues but the installer won't be able to do it until next week because he has other houses to do. BUT HE HASN'T FINISHED HIS INSTALL FROM 3 DAYS AGO! I guess since they already cashed my check i'm not a priority. I don't have lot of hope for my carpet to be done correctly and think I have just wasted my money because I will have to get someone else to come in and fix it. What i really want is my money back, I would even remove and return this carpet myself if it meant I could get a full refund.

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